Batam Trip

15th November 2019, Singapore WEFIC team crossed the waters to Batam for the company trip.  At the ferry terminal, WEFICians met up with their tour guide and set off for 2 days trip of rest and relaxation!


On the very first day, WEFICians visited chocolate factory, dry market and pastry shop where they picked up plenty of goodies. The famous Batam Kueh Lapis was ever a popular product there that fellow WEFICians bought them for their loved ones back in Singapore.

After the shopping spree , it was time for the WEFICians to fill their stomach. They headed to a restaurant called Saung Sunda Sawargi for a sumptuous Indonesian cuisine. The first of many lucky draw games were held there and the winners walked away with their wins.



The afternoon was spent strolling at a mall before WEFICians went for a relaxing traditional Indonesian massage. It eased the soreness from WEFICian’s tired muscles and stimulated their appetites in preparation for their seafood dinner.

Over dinner, WEFICians bonded over good food and drinks. A drinking game was played where they all enjoyed it.  A few standout WEFICians were bottomless pits but most held their own. At the end of the day, a few exhausted WEFICians retired for the night while those still brimming with energy headed for a midnight karaoke session where they sang their hearts out.


The second day was less action packed as the WEFICians set off from the hotel after indulging in the widespread of food at the hotel breakfast buffet. It was a lazy day as WEFICians visited a latex pillow and mattress factory for a hilarious presentation. They also had coffee and was introduced to Kopi Luwak, a premium and expensive coffee harvested from the droppings of a civet cat.



Over a hearty lunch, the last of the lucky draw games were held and by the end of it, WEFICians had a stomach full of food and pockets full of prizes.

The trip drew to a close as WEFICians headed for home with bag full of fun and lasting memories.


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