Bowling Tournament & Dinner 2019

8th August 2019, Singapore WEFIC team gathered for the annual bowling tournament and dinner event. It was also a day prior to the National Day of Singapore which further sets-in for a mood of double celebration. The event fired off with a bowling competition where group of fours and fives WEFICians teamed up and compete against the other. We nearly brought down the house with loud cheers and hi-fives, the WEFICians had an enjoyable time throughout the game.

The dinner at the Marina Bay Sands followed on with a combination of culinary pleasures and drinks. WEFICians mingled and caught up with each other over jokes and wine glasses. Prizes for the winners from the bowling competition with the best bowling teams and players were awarded during dinner. The attendees were further thrilled by a surprise lucky draw towards the end of the session. WEFICians continued to be indulged in their well-deserved desserts and sweet delicacies following their throughout-the-dinner drinks or two or maybe three, of course!

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