CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) cum Team building trip to Melaka, Malaysia on July 28-29, 2017

To celebrate the company’s fourth anniversary, Singapore WEFIC Ocean Technologies Pte Ltd made a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) cum Team building trip to Melaka, Malaysia on July 28-29, 2017. Led by the company’s President, Mr Ong Wee Ming, 23 employees took part in the overnight trip.

Throughout the excursion, we spent time with our fellow colleagues. We bonded over delectable Peranakan food-spreads and together, we experienced the bustle of the Jonker Street night market.

The guided tour of this UNESCO World Heritage Site was most enriching. We learnt about Melaka’s incredibly rich cultural, religious and trade history – beginning with the legendary tale of the Sumatra prince Parameswara establishing Melaka as a favoured port, to Chinese settlement during the Ming dynasty, occupations by the Portuguese, followed by the Dutch and the British. Strategically located, Malacca was for centuries the hub for traders from Arab, India, China and later Europe.

For our CSR effort, we spent an afternoon at the Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna Charity & Welfare Association Boys’ Home with 23 residents aged from 6 to 16. We had some warm-up games with them, but mostly we had quality time with the children. We gave each boy a plain white T-shirt and guided them on creating their own designs, colours and decorations.

CSR Tour

23 employees on the company CSR/Team building trip to Melaka, all decked out in WEFIC blue.

CSR Tour 1

Singapore WEFIC employees, posing with the Sri Ramakrishna Welfare Home residents

CSR Tour 2

The young and the not so young – enjoying some games

CSR Tour 3

Guiding the boys at the Home to personalise their T-Shirt decorations

CSR Tour 4

Boys at work – drawing and colouring their T-Shirts

CSR Tour 5

One happy and proud boy, with his creation

CSR Tour 6

Mr Ong Wee Ming, President of Singapore WEFIC, sharing a few words of encouragement with the Home residents

CSR Tour 7

CSR trip participants posing in front of the majestic Melaka A-Famosa Portuguese fortress gate.