Kerui Group Captures the Attention of Singapore Economic Development Board

The purpose of this on-site visit to the plant in Shandong, China, on the 4th July 2014 is to gain an insight on how the Singapore arm of Kerui Well Control can add value to the development of the oil and gas industry in Southeast Asia. Mr. Lim Swee Nian, the Assistant Managing Director of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), accompanied by his co-workers, were led to the company’s research and development center and production plant to learn more about research and development, production processes, project management, various aspects of marketing and so on.

After which a dialogue discussion was held and attended by distinguished leaders, namely He Shicong, President of parent company Kerui Group, Ong Wee Ming, General Manager of Kerui Oilfield Solutions (Singapore), Willy Ng, Deputy General Manager of Kerui Oilfield Solutions (Singapore), and among others.

Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is the lead government agency responsible for the industrial development of Singapore. As stated on its official website, its strategy articulates how Singapore is positioned for the future economy; extending Singapore’s value proposition to businesses, in this case KOSS, not just to help them improve their bottom line, but also to help them grow their top line through establishing and deepening strategic activities in Singapore to drive their business, innovation and talent objectives in Asia and globally.

Ultimately this visit plays a positive role in acknowledging Kerui Group as a world renowned enterprise. With the cooperation and support of related parties, KOSS has the ability to position itself at par level with its competitors and look forward to penetrating the local and Southeast Asia market. Moreover, the Singapore government will lend its support in terms of taxation, financing, leasing and other aspects in developing a plant on local soil in the near future. Both parties have also reached a preliminary agreement to explore potential research and development opportunities and to ride on potential EPC projects.

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