Oil & gas giant opts for WEFIC Wellhead and Xmas tree for its E&P campaign

Singapore Ocean Technologies enters the Russian Oil and Gas market, with Global Energy giant.

This is the very first for WEFIC brand penetrating into the upstream market segment. The Russian market is almost impregnable, as major competitors have had long market history the oil and gas majors. It was an uphill task for the WEFIC team to overcome major hurdles to design for the economical production operation requirements.

The WEFIC’s design that was proposed certainly have its advantage to both Horizontal and Vertical X-mass tree models alike.

  • Only a single BOP Nipple up/down required from the commencement of drilling to completion of the well.
  • Offline Installation of “Top tree”, (Lower & Upper valve block), can be carried out without any disruption during actual operations. Additional intervention block (tree) not required.
  • In total, there are 2 Electrical Submersible pumps (ESP), control and chemical injection lines installed for EOR ops.

WEFIC’s engineering competencies have prevailed once again. It is a remarkable effort for a home grown wellhead company!

WEFIC Giant opts for