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Our range of products, WEFIC® (We Enhance Flow In Control), will offer customers quality as well as cost efficiency.


WEFIC® offers a family of gate valves to meet the various needs of our customers. Designed to API 6A specifications, our gate valves are slab gate, full conduit typed has undergone an extensive testing program, including API 6A Appendix F qualification testing and API 6FA fire testing.

Both standard and customised configurations of stacked and solid block valves are available for use in Christmas Tree applications.

Solid block valves design provides a compact design and improved fire-resistant and enhanced safety with reduced potential leak paths. Whereas, the composite stacked tree design provides more flexibility in configuration and easy replacement.

All WEFIC® gate valves are available with a full range of actuators, chokes and controls providing a one stop source of supply.

Valve Type

  • Full-bore design eliminates pressure drop and impedes erosion
  • Metal seal feature between bonnet and valve body, and between valve seat and gate
  • Specialized surface coating on gate and seat to enhance good wear and corrosion resistance
  • Bonnet and valve stem designed with back-seat feature allows convenient stem packing change out when gate valve is under operation
  • Gate-stem and bore design to reduce operating torque
  • Good for up to 20,000 PSI
  • Suitable for use in gas well under hydrogen sulphide (H2S) condition

SGV – Full bore gate valve, slab gate, positive metal sealing
MGV – Mud gate valve
CHV – Check Valve

Wefic S Gate Valve

Wefic SR Gate Valve