Standard Chartered Marathon 2019

1st December 2019, Singapore WEFIC team burst off the starting line of the Standard Chartered 10km run, an annual affair where WEFICians fitness are put on to the test. While the 10km run is deceivingly short in comparison to its big brother, the 42km, it is not to be underestimated as WEFICians had all pushed through the hot morning sun. Even as sweat fell from their brows and soaked their singlets, WEFICians did not falter and succeeded in grabbing the completion medal at the end of the race. As the runners’ high died down and the soreness and cramps began to set in, WEFICians cooled down with icy cold towels and alcohol free beer before proceeding for a hearty breakfast of Singapore delights; Mee Siam, Kaya Toasts and ‘Kopi’ as they revelled in the day’s achievement. Picture1

Their weekly runs will resume soon after as they look forward to next year’s run. Maybe they will go for 21km this time!

Picture2 Picture3


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