WEFIC succeeded in obtaining CE EU certificate for WEFIC-SSV safety valve

Nov. 2018, WEFIC succeeded in obtaining CE EU certificate for the 4-1/16″ safety valve that researched and designed by WEFIC itself, and delivered to customer successfully.

The pressure of the valve reached 10,000Psi, adopted modular design, with strong versatility so as to save repair time and cost; the internal build-up welding of nickel-alloy enhanced corrosion resistance and service life; the valve owned quick response feature, realizing close of main channel within 6 to 7 seconds under emergency condition, ensuring site equipment and personnel security, indicating out-standing safety performance.

Till now, WEFIC is one of the few available enterprises that gained CE certificate for API 6A valve, which means the highly recognition for WEFIC product’s quality and quality system from European high-end customer. Furthermore, it not only lays good foundation of high-end markets developing, but also raises reputation of WEFIC brand in high-end markets.

WEFIC-SSV safety valve