WEFIC’s modular wellhead used for exploration well in New Zealand

It brings great joy and pride when our esteemed customers from New Zealand visited, WEFIC’s Tuas Hub to witness, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for a Wellhead that’s designed and manufactured by Singapore WEFIC Ocean Technologies.

The FAT that was conducted in Singapore to facilitate the convenience to the customer and to optimize the use of our resources more productively. The various stringent tests was performed over a period of 3 days.

Drilling activities have commenced in September 2018, with WEFIC’s MW-I model, 3-stage Modular wellhead system.

It’s an exploratory drilling of 1 well in the beginning and with positive results. There will be more exploratory wells to be drilled at different locations of the gas producing field.

WEFIC is working directly with the operator of the Block, who holds 51% operating interest. This is a remarkable effort for us to be recognized by a renowned oil and gas company.

Kudos! To everyone who have worked diligently and meticulously, for achieving another milestone effort.

WEFIC modular wellhead